In The Media

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Our Giant Containers have been the subject of some incredible media attention, which is not surprising considering their unique potential and looks! We’ve been fortunate enough to help bring projects to life for amazing entities like Nike, Audi, UPS, Toyota, The Canadian Red Cross, and more.

Our work has been recognized by media in Canada and abroad, and we’re thrilled to share this attention with you below.



BNN – Living outside the box


globe and mail logo giant

The Globe and Mail – Toronto’s Giant Container: Building homes with an acetylene torch


Inside Luminato with Giant Containers




Treehugger – Shipping Container is Converted into a Comfy Bunkie

Treehugger – Building Homes With An Acetylene Torch


dwell giant

Photo of the Week: Shipping Container Structure in Toronto





Urban Cabin – Our Cabin Showroom was featured in the Saturday, January 23, 2016 edition of the National Post.