CNE Gender Friendly Container Washrooms

Shipping Container Washrooms

Giant Container Services was contracted by the Canadian National Exhibition to design and build new gender friendly washrooms that will replace their existing trailer bathrooms.  Since the CNE opened just a week ago the shipping container washrooms have gone viral and have been featured in The Huffington Post, Toronto Star, BlogTO, BBC, CBC, CityTV and Global News.

Recap Governors Ball 2016 Featuring Our Shipping Container Bar

Although inclement weather forced the final day of the three day music festival known as Governors Ball to be cut short this year, it was still quite the memorable experience. We were commissioned by Community Agency to help build an incredible bar for Bacardi. Check it out here. And recap the jam in the video above!

More Luminato Coverage In The Globe And Mail!

Luminato Hearn Generating Station interior partisans

Some more incredible sneak peaks of Luminato’s insane shipping container-built theatre at the historic Hearn Generating Station in Toronto’s Port Lands have emerged in a Friday article in The Globe and Mail.

Writes Architecture critic Alex Bozikovic:

Three weeks before the festival, the 1,200-seat main theatre was just being put together. Work crews hustled through the Hearn’s 400,000 square feet of glorious industrial ruin – which will be free and open to the public during the festival. The concrete floors were pitted and studded with steel stubs; most of the tall, cathedral space was still dark.

And yet the magic of the space was already obvious. Fragments of the plant’s turbine hall, house-sized hunks of concrete that will hold festival bars and installations, marched away 200 metres into the gloom. A few 20-foot shipping containers lay about like toys; these steel boxes, which carried fittings and equipment into the space, would help form walls in what Partisans calls “architectural Jenga.”

Mr. Weisbrodt seemed serene about the looming deadline. “We come from the theatre world,” he mused, “where people are used to working quickly and in parallel.”

On the other hand, I said, theatre companies aren’t usually building an entire theatre in a few weeks. “We are building an entire cultural institution,” he countered.

Luminato Hearn Generating Station interior partisans

Continue reading here.

More will be revealed on Luminato very shortly! Make sure you go grab tickets.

Preview Luminato’s #TurnOnTheHearn coming soon!

Luminato posted a very interesting picture on Instagram earlier this week, featuring a certain shipping container project by a certain shipping container specialist company… We may have said too much, but please go check it out! The big reveal should be coming sometime next week, but trust us, you need to see it in person.

Below are some pictures from Luminato’s blog, courtesy of Toronto photographer Jonathan Castellino.

hearn-jc-3575 hearn-jc-3995

hearn-jorn-102733 (1)


Our Shipping Container Paint Shop for CIL Paint and Home Depot

If you were at Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square recently, you might have spotted our two 20′ shipping container colour centre built for Canadian colour pros CIL Paints.

Canadian interior design expert Yanic Simard worked to help design this amazing shipping container space for CIL Paints in collaboration with Home Depot Canada. Giant Containers was tapped to help conceptualize and manufacture this amazing showcase of design inspiration and creativity, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Seriously — does this even look like a shipping container to you?

Dipped-Chandeliers-Wide-Shot-1024x665 (1)

Yanic was even chopping it up on Breakfast Television Toronto about the space, and provided an awesome aerial shot of the place getting its finishing touches.

Toronto blogger Gracie Carroll was kind enough to include a shout-out to Giant in her write-up of the space:

Before I purchased #CasaGC, I had become rather obsessed with the new trend of building modern homes out of shipping containers. If you are not yet familiar with this trailblazing form of building new homes in a modern and more affordable way, I highly encourage you to google it immediately. It’s absolutely incredible to see what people have created out of these inexpensive and sustainable containers – seriously it will blow your mind! If you’ve got a little plot of land, you can essentially hire a company to show up and install your new home that can be bigger and better than any modern condo – and be completed in about a week!

When I heard that CIL paint was launching the CIL Colour Centre shipping container pop-up tour to celebrate the introduction of the new CIL pain colour centre, my ears instantly perked up and I couldn’t wait to see what they had created. Luckily I was invited to the media preview right before the launch of the tour, and was able to experience the amazing space first-hand. CIL teamed up with celebrity designer, Yanic Simard of Toronto Interior Design Group, to transform the 20-feet-by-20-feet shipping container (built by TO-based Giant Container Services) to create an eye-catching decor that showcases creativity through colour, design and unique, achievable DIY projects.

The CIL Colour Centre will be hitting Mississauga and Scarborough this weekend, check out the dates here! Thanks for all the colourful inspiration, guys! And if you happen to check out the space, definitely let us know what you think about it on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels.

Softbank Team Japan’s Shipping Container Base For America’s Cup Is Now Open!

softbank team japan shipping containers bermuda

If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you might have seen the news that competitive sailing squad Softbank Team Japan, who are currently competing in the 35th America’s Cup competition, have opened their headquarter doors! Made entirely from shipping containers that we have provided, the enclosed space features office space, changerooms, storage area, and a main reception hall. The inaugural christening of the headquarters, in Bermuda, was set off with a party, which you can see highlights below!

Be sure to follow Softbank Team Japan, and see more of their Giant-built shipping container base on our Projects page.

We Donated A Shipping Container To Aid In Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief

KEDD Cares Event Supporting #YMMfire

We at Giant Container Services are big on community. We try to be good neighbours and lend a helping hand whenever we can. We shocked by the news of what’s happened over at Fort McMurray this month, and witnessing just how many people were displaced by it made us really appreciative for how comfortable we have it here in Toronto.

So we decided to help in some way, by donating a 20′ shipping container to the King East Design District, who launched a drive to fill with donated goods.

The drive was all week at 225 King Street East, and we encouraged the public to bring goods in need, where it was packed into our shipping container. The container is decorated to look like a 3D mail envelope, and people were able to write messages of solidarity and encouragement with a paint marker!

We were so thrilled to see the outpouring of support from our fellow Torontonians for the people of Alberta, and are always all ears whenever we are approached to help out with a charitable or philanthropic cause.

Special thanks to the King East Design District and Peloso Alexander Interiors.



We’re Supplying Shipping Containers For Luminato’s Hearn Generating Station

luminato hearn

hearn generating station luminato unsound 2016

This upcoming June, Luminato will open the doors of the Hearn Generating Station, a decommissioned electrical generating station in Toronto, to welcome visitors to Unsound 2016.

Drawing on more than a decade’s experience in connecting sound and architecture via unique spaces, Unsound Toronto creates a journey including ambient soundscapes, noise, drone metal, pounding techno and the most contemporary fractured club music.

Giant Containers is the official shipping container supplier working with PARTISANS to help deliver an incredible experience for Luminato’s guests!

Read more about Luminato and the Hearn Generating Plant on BlogTO!

Luminato is one of the preeminent arts festivals in North America, having commissioned close to 100 new works of art, with more than 3,000 performances featuring 11,000 artists from over 40 countries.

hearn generating plant giant containers


Take A Virtual Reality Tour Of A Shipping Container Home In Mexico

virtual reality shipping container home virtual reality shipping container home virtual reality shipping container home

We can’t get over this amazing shipping container home (which you can check out in a virtual reality tour here!) built in La Tomeca, Mexico. Located not far from the border city of Tijuana, architect Daniel Moreno Flores has built what he calls the RDP House from seven 20′ shipping containers and one 40′ shipping container, the 2,700 square foot house screams airy, minimalist originality.

According to Designboom, “The client’s particular penchant for mechanical assemblies and metal as a material led to the decision to design a house using recycled metal containers which are affordable and in great abundance. it was clear that all the connections and materials the form the structure of the home were to remain exposed, indulging the client in his desire to live in a machine whose function and construction were easily understood at every angle and level of detail.”

virtual reality shipping container home

You can take a Virtual Reality-powered tour of the home on Matterport. Click around and get a sense of what it would be like to have your very own shipping container home! A very cool way for you to visualize the power of shipping containers as building blocks for a modern, original home.


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