Monthly Archives: August, 2018

  1. Diving Into the Recycle Trend

    Shipping container pools have been popping up everywhere, especially¬† for urban homeowners with small lots. Container pools can be free-standing or installed in the ground. You can add beautiful deck areas and plantings…

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  2. Container Perks with your Coffee Perk

    These container cafes have caught our eye. Whether opening your own cafe venture or using one as a pop up, we can accommodate your design and architecture wants and needs. Modifiable, portable, quaint…

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  3. Helping the Environment, One Prefab Build at a Time

    With the steady decline of our planets’ health, it is imperative to always be consciously reducing, reusing and recycling. As environmental responsibilities are being promoted worldwide, Giant is proud to implement sustainable and…

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  4. Why You Should Use a Shipping Container for Your Next Pop Up

    Pop up retail spaces are becoming increasingly popular due to brands wanting to reach their target customer, rather than trying to attract them. With competition being so high it is easy to get…

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